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Projects that touch Lives

IDP's Mass Shelter

IYFAI is Seeking to provide Internally Displaced Persons (IDP's) in the North Eastern Part of Nigeria with Massive Shelter and help rebuild their home which has been ravaged by insurgency in the past years.

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IYFAI Campaign against Youth and Electoral Violence

The Campaign is to create Awarness to Youths accross Africa to shun Electoral Violence and refuse to be used as Political Thugs.

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IYFAI Agricultural Initiative

The Campaign is to improve and develop the agricultural sector by accessing and decimating new agro technology procedures to communities in Africa.

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Vision: an Africa where the youth are involved in the development of Africa through collective effort in all field of study.
Mission statement: To build Africa with innovative ideas, making Africa a better continent for the future generations and provide capacity building research and development in all African countries.
Core values: we stand for a better African for the youth by eradicating poverty and creating avenue for youth empowerment for a better and developed economy.
Goal: An Africa where youths from all over Africa come together to create sustainable development in Africa.

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