IYFAI Agriculture Initiative

Projects that touch Lives

Greater percentage of the population in rural areas are living in hunger and extreme poverty in Africa – many of them women and youths, whose livelihoods depend on small-scale agricultural activities for survival. However, the lack of investment into agriculture, especially in areas that will profit small-scale farmers are critical factors in thwarting their efforts towards improving their livelihood in general.

The IYFAI has kicked off a Development Initiative aimed at promoting agricultural businesses which are beneficial to individuals and community farmers lackiing mechanized farm equipments. We help farmers in need of loan services and provide training for various agriultural opportunities. The IYFAI is part of efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which would increase the capacities of rural dwellers to explore available agricultural resources and technologies to satisfy the demands of the growing population for food and other agricultural commodities.Priority must be given to maintaining and improving the capacity of agricultural lands to support an expanding population.

The major tools of the project are income diversification and improved management input. This project depends largely on the support and participation of rural farmers registered with the programme. Farmers can access easy loans that would be repaid to their respective co-operatives. This initiative is turning around the fortunes of the local farmers, by making farmers work easier, and yielding furitful harvests. The IYFAI's Agricultural initiative focuses on the plans of boosting small scale farmers, ensuring productivity and expansion and also supporting large scale farmers with heavy duty equipments for effecient farming. We are thus mandated and methodically structured to infuse into small-scale farmers entrepreneurial skills and empowerment supports to drive agriculture beyond current mundane state and help bring out the farmers’ full productivity potential, curbing hunger and improving universal food availability and security resultantly.

How do we seek to achieve this?
Working side by side with active bodies (Government, Media Houses, CSO’s) IYFAI organize platforms where they are able to engage directly with policy makers to canvass for favorable policies and practices that put them in advantaged positions in their quest for better productivity and welfare.
To make our advocacies and campaigns effective, we draw our evidences from rigorous researches and life experiences.
Our AgroChange campaign is hinged on investment in agriculture/climate adaptation, and entrepreneurship opportunities for youths in agro business.
It seeks to engage African community to:
• Provide/secure access to lands for interested farmers to venture in general agriculture.
• Help farmers with useful resources to deal with changing weather, support social safety nets and food reserves in differnt communities accross Africa.
• Increase investment that supports small-scale farmers with sustainable farming techniques.