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Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) can be found all over the world and they are handled in different ways by the countries when domiciled. Countries where there are refugees employ the same method of handling them as those used in handling displaced persons. A lot are today refugees in other countries and the government seems not to take note of the devastating effects of this condition on the mental behaviours of the people.
Fuelled by economic, social, political and environmental factors, the drivers of displacement in Nigeria are multi-faceted, complex and often overlapping. Violence perpetrated by the militant armed group, and military operations against the group have caused the bulk of internal displacements but inter-communal clashes arising from ethnic and religious tensions also regularly force people from their homes, as do frequent floods and mass evictions in urban centres, and most recently, land invasion.
The fact that there are no shelters for IDPs in an area of crisis is an indication that no strategy has been adopted in handling the population of the displaced. The IYFAI low cost, easy to set up and manage scheme in the camps, as well as puting in place solid security arrangements to care for the people may be a good bargain. The government should make arrangement for coordinating food supply to the people to ensure they are not shortchanged. There should be crèche, nursery, primary schools as well as secondary schools for the grown ups so that the people will not lose much as a result of crisis they didn’t cause.
There are significant territorial, population-related and economic disparities between countries and states within the countries. Endemic corruption, political instability and weak governance mean that much of the population do not benefit from the country’s strong economic growth and its mineral resources, resulting in low social and human development. IYFAI is Seeking to provide InternallY Displaced Persons (IDP's) with Massive Shelter solutions, full recovery program into productivity, and proper orientation and rehabilitation to establish a growing community. A community under security threat either from natural disasters or terror attacks leaves its dwellers diplaced due to the collateral damage from the imact. IYFAI embarks on a mission to restore the people of any of such communities back to a habitable environment.
Due to the on-going security issues in the country, millions of people from the arears affected have left their communities since the instability in the country, with most fleeing to neighbouring countries, states and villages. Most living in exile have no regular status, making them vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and discrimination. Together with our reliable partners, we provide habitatable environments. It is the first time our prtners are set up in Africa and it will offer sustainable shelter to people that would teach them new and healthy habits.
First, they are lodged in secondary schools or uncompleted buildings. There is no running water, no mosquito nets, no protection from the harsh elements, no electricity and no safety from more threats. In Africa, IDP camps are usually overcrowded, run down and are struggling to accommodate more. The living conditions are atrocious, unhealthy and dangerous. Some IDPs are moving back to their villages out of frustration and the villages are the most dangerous.