IYFAI Campaign Against Youth and Electoral Violence

Projects that touch Lives

Our youths are the key players in achieving a better society and Democracy. However, most of these youths feel they have been neglected and tend to involve in violence one way or the other. Thus, resulting to loss of lives and high crime rate in the society.
This has also resulted to desperate politicians using them as Politicail Thugs to acheive their aims during elections. It is obvious that when Youths participate in elections, they can decide the fate of elections. It happened in Nigeria and Burkina Faso in 2015. Moreover, Elections should be celebrated as a peaceful and democratic way to change governments, but too often they are flashpoints for violence that actively recruit the youths.
IYFAI Campaign Against Youth and Electoral Violence is aimed to educate the Youths in Africa to shun Electoral violence. in order to acheive these goals, IYFAI has adopted some measures which are as follows:
IYFAI Campaign Against Youth and Electoral Violence shall train the Youths on Skills Acquisition Programme, create entrepreneurship institutions train and empower the Youths so that they can be self-dependent. IYFAI shall also monitor and guide them to ensure their businesses become successful so that they can also have something to offer to the communities.
In addition to the Skills Acquisition Programme, volunteers from IYFAI will be working with youths in communities, homes and schools around Africa to spread the message of shunning violence and instead using their influence to promote good governance and build better societies.